How We Add Value

The CollectiveCare Dental value proposition provides a platform for the management team to add increased value to the total entity of practices that are acquired or developed. The primary strategies to accomplish this are as follows:

1. Develop, implement, and translate best-in-class clinical protocols and overall patient care systems across the network. A key driver in this initiative will be our Chief Dental Officer who has over 22 years of experience as a dentist and DSO partner along with a clear vision of how dental treatment protocols should be developed and managed. Supporting him will be world-class information technology systems and training programs to facilitate the seamless transfer of knowledge across practices. Also, we will rely heavily on the input of our partner dentists in each location.

CollectiveCare Dental University (CCDU) will be the culmination of these efforts and will provide a detailed training program with certification requirements encompassing clinical and non-clinical protocols. Effective use of our in-house systems and processes will also be taught and will help make them integral parts of our daily DNA.

2. Focused processes relating to insurance providers and all regulations. Detailed attention is placed upon all key elements of this aspect of the operation. This begins with ensuring proper patient treatment reviews while offering the highest levels of clinical care. We will develop meaningful communication channels between the company and aligned providers with the goal of building trust and encouraging open dialogue on all-important clinical and business operational issues. This will require awareness of and compliance with all regulations. Additionally, we will ensure effective training programs and systems are established to accurately and efficiently capture and track the proper handling of reimbursement, coding, billing, and collections. CCD is diligent about negotiating the best rates of reimbursement on behalf of our supported dentists.

3. Drive operational efficiencies across practices while maintaining high-quality care. We leverage the vast business management and operational experience of the CCD leadership team. Operating efficiencies are identified and captured via continued benchmarking of non-competing DSO organizations in other geographies to understand best practices. Increased efficiencies and continuous improvement in shared marketing programs, digital outreach, and website development are also areas of focus. This will benefit each practice as it relates to building its individual base of patients.