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The business component of your practice and empower yourself to focus exclusively on dentistry, to begin a smooth path to retirement, or both.


Our team as a dental professional in a supported practice that focuses first on quality of patient care in a positive culture and rewards results.

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With us in a supported practice as we help deliver a higher level of patient care by integrating your general dentistry practice into our multi-specialty network.

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Not The Biggest,

Just The Best

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Grow Your Potential

Other dental service organizations boast of their hundreds of locations and systems that run everything. We have great respect for these firms, but we do not want to be them. At CollectiveCare Dental, our top priority is people. This starts with the quality of care provided to patients, and it extends to creating a culture where people love to work. If you want to be more than a number and play an active role in your future, take the time to get to know us. Our focus is on building the best dental practices, and this always starts with attracting the best people.
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This is our home.

We have raised our families and built businesses here. We are actively engaged in our communities, and we understand the culture and people. Most importantly, this geographic focus enables us to be a hands-on partner. Our entire support team is never more than a car ride away, and we will not be strangers. With more than $8 billion of dental services delivered in these two states every year, it is easy to do the math. There is no need to look elsewhere to accomplish our goals.

Experience The Difference of

Coordinated Care

To reinforce what makes each of our practices special, a centralized means of coordinating all aspects of dental care, CCD has selected "Coordinate Care" as a term used to describe the patient experience across all of our practices. It also reinforces the culture of our family of practices, where the team of doctors and staff ensure a patient centered experience.

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We believe in the power of working together.

By eliminating the apprehension that often accompanies specialist referrals, we are able to provide our patients with a higher level of dental care. We encourage communication and cooperation, and we promote the synergies of teamwork. In the process, we all benefit from an economic model that improves efficiency, enhances treatment plans and increases patient satisfaction. These are just some of the reasons we have made our multi-specialty network the heard and sole of CollectiveCare Dental.
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Without a doubt, you have a choice. If you are considering the sale of your practice, there are literally hundreds of options. If you are looking for a new practice in which to continue your career, choices abound. At CollectiveCare Dental, we do not try to be all things to all people. And, we only make promises we can keep. You can take our word for it, or you can take a few minutes to meet other dental professionals we support who are happy they chose CollectiveCare as their business partner.

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