About Us

Our Core Beliefs

We realize the combined strength of CollectiveCare is greater than the sum of its parts. For this reason, all our decisions are guided by a set of Core Beliefs.

1. Personalized Patient Experiences — Everything we do starts with our supported dentists’ patients. We strive to treat each patient as if they are our only ones. Starting with the way they are greeted the moment they walk into the office and continuing through every aspect of their treatment, each customer should feel our dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and care coordinators have their best interest at heart. Every team member will personally engage the patients they serve, taking the time to listen and ensuring all questions are answered thoroughly. Patient loyalty and strong referrals will be key measures of our effectiveness in creating personalized patient experiences.

2. Full Range of Treatment Options — Offering a complete range of general and specialty dental services provide the best patient experience. Patients will save time and money while benefitting from the immediate collaboration between our general dentists and specialists. Each patient will receive a personalized explanation of the entire treatment plan along with unmatched coordination throughout. This approach to dentistry is unique and is beneficial to both patients and providers. Reduced paperwork, enhanced treatment outcomes, and more comprehensive treatment plans will be the key measures of success.

3. Dental Career Destination — Attracting the top general dentists and specialists to our supported practices along with the excellent staff is of paramount importance. Word-of-mouth across the dental community is just as powerful as word-of-mouth within the patient community. A strong work-life balance, a culture that fosters cooperation, and competitive compensation and benefits will form the foundation of this commitment. Under the leadership of our Chief Dental Officer and key clinical leaders at each location, an unwavering commitment to quality and continuous learning will directly benefit each patient. The number of dental professionals who pursue the opportunity to join our team and staff turnover levels will be our key measures of success. Given the close proximity of many of our supported practice, we also provide coverage flexibility that is missing in solo practices.

4. World-Class Business Practices — Great dentistry requires exceptional systems and profitable operations. The ability for our dental team to focus on dentistry requires an equally strong team of professionals to handle all other aspects of our business operations. This includes leaders with rich experience both inside and outside of the dental industry. And, it requires expertise in recruiting, accounting, payroll, people development, branding, marketing, real estate, technology, and communication. Our ability to proactively reinvest in the future will be our key measure of success.