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Transition your Practice into Good Hands

You may not be ready to retire, but you may be ready to free yourself from the “business” requirements of your practice and focus on dentistry. Or, you may be looking for a new challenge like utilizing your experience and wisdom to help other dentists develop and grow.

In either case, CollectiveCare Dental could be the ideal partner. Led by John Button and Scott Becker, we have the business experience to complement your dental expertise. Throughout our careers, we have been successful in helping others achieve their goals. At CollectiveCare, our objective is the same. We want to build a multi-specialty dental network that places patients first while giving exceptional dental professionals the opportunity to expand their horizons.

If this sounds like an environment in which you might thrive, let’s talk. We believe there is a path down which you can realize the value of your practice, transition your role and be part of a winning team. 

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